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Surround Sound - Speaker Quality Speaks Volumes
Surround Sound - The in-depth information directory about surround sound keeps you informed.
Surround Sound - The in-depth information directory about surround sound keeps you informed.

Speaker Quality Speaks Volumes

Speaker Quality Speaks Volumes

There are many pieces, parts, and components to a home theater system. One of the most important when it comes to achieving the overall 'movie going' experience is surround sound. While there are many pieces of equipment for the average home theater that can be purchased over time, surround sound is typically one component that needs to be purchased together if possible, at the very least it is wise to purchase the speakers as a set rather than mixing and matching quality and sounds.

Just as the surround sound system is one of, if not the most important components in a good home theater system, the speakers are the most integral and important component of any decent surround sound system. You can skimp on some aspects of quality in amplifiers, receivers, and even tuners but if you skimp on the quality of your speakers it will not matter how much of an investment you've made in everything else because the sound will be inferior.

People define their movie going experiences differently. For some, it is the smell of freshly popped popcorn that defines the experience and others find that the dark colors and the sweet smell of the syrup from the soda fountains is part of the experience ( some things simply can't be imitated easily at home ). There are many however, who find that sound is what sets the theater apart from home movie viewing and the one thing that keeps them coming back despite the interruptions provided by other patrons with cell phones, hungry children, or frequent trips to the restrooms.

The one thing that sets a theater apart for many people is one thing that we now have the technology to bring into our homes. Even better is the fact that the price tag on this particular technology is decreasing as competition, supply, demand, and technological advances increase. There is never too much to be said about how quickly the newness of electronics expires in order to be replaced by something newer and better next year. I remember a time when DVD players were priced well over $300 for the most basic of models. You can purchase them now for a mere $30 if you can find a decent sale and those models have more features than the originals. Can you imagine how little surround sound systems will be selling for an a few short years?

We are already seeing significant price drops in the box systems that are being sold on the market today. Gone are the days when these systems were merely the off brands trying to generate some sells by offering a low price and questionable quality. The boxed surround sound systems of today are carrying well - known names as their brands and providing some pretty stiff competition to those who aren't willing to offer the box sets when it comes to price.

That being said, you will want to take the effort to listen to any system you are considering before you buy it. It takes no small investment of time and energy in order to set up a surround sound system and while there are no guarantees that a system will sound the same in your home or apartment as it sounds in the store having a clue as to any problems before getting it home and setting it up will save both time and money in the long run. If the speakers you buy aren't adequate quality for the system you have purchased the sound will disappointing to say the least. My favorite scene for testing the sound quality of surround sound systems is the first 10 minutes of the movie Top Gun. Buy the DVD and take it with you whenever you try out systems for your home. If you find one set or system that blows you away with the quality of sound you should seriously consider that for your home theater and surround sound system.
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2nd Surround Sound - Speaker Quality Speaks Volumes 2nd Surround Sound - The in-depth information directory about surround sound keeps you informed. 2nd Surround Sound - The in-depth information directory about surround sound keeps you informed.



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